Tz'unun Ya'?










Tz'unun Ya' is the Tz'utujil Mayan name of San Pedro La Laguna.  Each of the communities around the lake has its Mayan name, which tends to be the older one, and its Spanish name, a result of the efforts of the Spanish to reorganize the life of the indigenous Maya.

San Pedro La Laguna = Tz'unun Ya' = place/waters of the humming birds

Santiago Atitlán = Tz'ikin Jaay = the birdhouse

San Juan La Laguna = Xe' Kuku' Aab'aj = below the large rock

San Pablo La Laguna = Tok'or Juyu' = mountain with Tok'or (species) trees

Santa María Visitación = Tz'ujkiya' Juyu' = mountain where the water's born

San Miguel Panan (Suchitepequez) = Ponom k'in

Chicacao (Suchitepequez) = Chi' Kokow = chocolate place

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